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Too often members and investigators have questions about doctrines that go beyond the milk conveyed from the pulpit during sacrament meetings. Should questions arise and members approach the leadership on these topics, they immediately receive the rehearsed response “we’ll never know that in this life.” This publication endeavors to inform and enlighten such seekers of further light and knowledge by demonstrating that you, in fact, can search and find deeper meanings within the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Awareness of these deeper doctrines becomes crucial for the followers of Christ as they seek to establish Zion, for simply persisting on a diet of milk eventually douses the spiritual light within. Thus, drinking deeply from the wells of the Restored Gospel can add the requisite oil for fueling our lanterns as the darkness of the last days sets in. So, please join us as we plumb the depths of Mormonism in preparation for the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.

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Ephraim Smith

I love Jesus Christ

Judah Manasseh

An ardent lover of the scriptures, Judah constantly pushes himself to exhume keen insights, new ones at that, from the scriptures to help the beleaguered gain a deeper understanding of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.